The term pornography refers to all those materials, images or reproductions depicting sexual acts in order to cause sexual arousal of the receiver. Since the 1970′s, films and photographs with such explicit sexual content received the classification X, to differentiate it from the more gentle eroticism (S).

Porn Censorship

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The term ‘pornography’ comes from the Greek words πόρνη («pornē», «prostitute») and γράφειν («gráphein», «record, write, illustrate») and the suffix – ία (-ia, «status, property, place of “), therefore having the meaning of ‘description or illustration of prostitutes or prostitution’. It must be said, however, that the term is of recent onset, as in Ancient Greece was never used the word ‘pornography’ and the oldest use of which it transpires is, in French, of the late 1800′s.


Pornography and erotic representations are more ancient civilization, going back to times as ancient and primitive of human history as the era of the Paleolithic.1 The modern concept of pornography, which prevails to the present day, is defined from the mass marketing of erotic material in the 19th century during the period of the Victorian era, leaving his erotico-artistico character and increasing its distribution from production mass defined by the Second Industrial Revolution.2 3 Modern pornography gets its greater presence from the Sexual Revolution (Porno Chic was) during the 1970′s, to the present day.3 4


Venus of Willendorf (c. 25,000 A.E.C).
In the primitive society of homo sapiens nomadic, belonging to the Paleolithicperiod, develops magical thinking and the bases empirical as foundations of the religions of primitive, based human creationism which noted animal reproductive capabilities.1 5 Primitive tribes established the cult totemic towards the structures anatomical devoted to procreation; the cult towards the uterus (object of worship due to its ability to retain the fetus and its placenta) and the cult phallic (considered as “depositor’s life”).6 7 Based on the ancient cults, it is assumed that the paleoiticos of Venus figurineslike the Venus of Willendorf, evoke human admiration for genitals, maternity, fertility and eroticism, through you breasts and buttocks of exaggerated proportions, with a possible intention of representing pornography.1 8
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